Meet The Team
I’m a Chartered Accountant by profession and a writer by passion. ClearTax lets me be both. I love travel, hot tubs, and coffee. I believe that life is short, so I always eat dessert first. Wait.. life is also too short to be reading bios… Go read my articles!
Bhavana is a Senior Content Writer handling the GST vertical. She is committed, professional, and has a flair for writing. When away from work, she enjoys watching movies and playing with her son. One thing she can’t resist is SHOPPING! Her favourite quote is: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.
My journey with ClearTax began in 2013. Support, sales, operations, hiring, training, account management....been there, done that. With a flair for writing and communication, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for all things creative, I found my true calling as a content writer about a year back. With words as my compass and stories as my destination, loving this expedition with expression!
I am a Chartered Accountant by profession with  4+ years of experience in the finance domain. I consider myself as someone who yearns to explore the world through travelling & Reading. I believe, the knowledge & wisdom that reading gives has helped me shape my perspective towards life, career and relationships. I enjoy meeting new people & learning about their lives & backgrounds. My mantra is to find inspiration from everyday life &  thrive to be better each day. 
With more than 5 years of experience in the field of writing, I write to create an enhanced brand experience. A sports fanatic and an avid traveler, I'm always on the lookout to learn something new and interesting! Check out my articles.
Abbreviation is the name of the game – SIP, NPS, ELSS, KTM, and OMR. Vishnu is the cat that got too curious. He can normally be found staring at market charts or drooling over his Real Madrid curios. Favourite quote: ” Madrid, Madrid, Madrid ¡Hala Madrid! Y nada más”