How do you know your income tax return is processed

The due date for filing income tax returns for AY 2020-21 has been postponed to 31 December 2020. Most of you would have filed your ITR by now. Once you file your ITR, the income tax department takes it up for processing. When your ITR is processed, the department sends an intimation under Section 143(1) to you. 

The intimation informs you about the status of income and taxes. Prima facie, the intimation displays the income and tax or refund processed by the department. The time limit available for processing an ITR for the AY 2020-21 is up to 31 March 2021.

There may be instances where your ITR is processed, but you did not receive an intimation from the department.

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The income tax department informs you through an SMS about the processing of your ITR. You would receive a message  “ITR for PAN: ABBXXXXX0H, AY 2020-21 and Ack No. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX has been processed at CPC. Order u/s 143(1) will be sent by email.” You would then receive an email from the income tax department with the intimation under Section 143(1). You would receive it on the mail ID registered with the income tax department. 

However, if you have not received the email, you can download a copy of the intimation from your e-filing account on the e-filing portal. After you have logged into your account, choose the ‘Service Request’ option under the ‘My Account’ tab. 

Next, choose the ‘Request Type’ as ‘New request’. And, choose the ‘Request Category’ as ‘Intimation u/s 143(1)’.

You would move to the next page where you need to choose the ‘Assessment Year’ and request a ‘Resend by email’. Then you can submit the request. Upon submission, you would receive a transaction ID. You would receive an email on your registered mail ID quoting the transaction ID. The income tax department would then process your request in about two to three days.

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