Twitter to Label Misleading Information Related to COVID-19

Twitter has undertaken several measures in the past few months to avoid the spread of misinformation on the site, such as adding a reliable source at the topmost section of the timeline, and many other measures. The company is now implementing new labels and warning messages that will render additional background and detail on certain tweets containing misleading or disputed COVID-19-related information.

With this step, Twitter makes it easier for users to find information on their Twitter feed and make informed choices about what they see.

Previously this year, Twitter added a label for Tweets comprising synthetic and manipulated media.  The recently launched labels will appear on Tweets which contain potentially harmful and misleading COVID-19-related information. 

Twitter mentioned that these labels will lead to a Twitter-curated page or trusted external source providing additional details on the statements made on the post.

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Twitter has also stated that a warning may also be applied to a Tweet, depending on the potential to harm and the type of misleading information the post contains. These warnings will inform users that the information mentioned within the Tweet conflicts with the guidance of public health experts before they actually see it.

Twitter stated that at the time of posting, it would not take action on tweets containing unconfirmed facts, but could place alerts or labels on contested statements, as well as those verified as false.

Twitter will take necessary actions on the basis of three categories: false facts, unverified statements, and disputed claims. It also further revealed that new labels will be continuously added to provide users with context around different kinds of unverified rumours and claims as required.

Twitter has also mentioned that its teams are utilising and working on their internal systems to monitor COVID-19-related content proactively. These internal systems will help in ensuring that Tweets with such labels or warnings are not amplified, and it will help in the detection of high-visibility content.

Twitter ensured that it would continue to work on building tools and provide context so that users on the platform can find reliable and authentic information.

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