GSTN Advisory to Resolve GSTR-3B Filing Issues

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Network observed that a few taxpayers could not file GSTR-3B and approached them for a solution. Accordingly, it issued an advisory on how to resolve this issue and complete the GSTR-3B filing. 

GSTN stated that:

  • According to the Hon’bleHon’ble Supreme Court’sCourt’s directive, they allowed the aggrieved taxpayers to file TRAN forms between 01st October 2022 to 30th November 2022.
  • Few taxpayers utilised the facility; however, few submitted their TRAN forms but did not finally file them within the specified time.
  • The TRAN form filing is completed only when the forms are e-signed after submitting them.
  • Further, the taxpayers who had faced issues while filing TRAN forms did not raise any tickets for the difficulty they faced.
  • Also, when GSTN contacted some taxpayers who said they did not intend to file TRAN forms.
  • The taxpayers whose TRAN forms are pending (submitted but not filed) couldn’tcouldn’t file their GSTR-3B.
  • The TRAN forms filing window has already been closed on 30th November 2022.
  • Hence, the taxpayers facing issues are advised to raise a ticket on GST Grievance Portal to provide consent to reset their TRAN filing status. 
  • Once the consent for resetting their unfiled TRAN forms is received, GSTN will reset the TRAN forms.
  • Then the taxpayers can file their GSTR-3B.

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