Everything You Need to Know About Aarogya Setu e-Pass

The Aarogya Setu e-Pass has been launched for emergency purposes and to make sure people avoid unnecessary travel across India. Movement across different regions of India has been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, situations wherein people need to commute within the country will arise eventually, notably, in cases where people need to move from their place of work to their hometown or students who stay in hostels and need to return to their hometown.

The e-Pass will permit travel in these kinds of circumstances. With the aid of an online e-Pass, one can move from one location to another. The Aarogya Setu e-Pass is available online; you don’t have to be in direct contact with unknown people during the process of obtaining this pass. The eligibility criteria have not been determined yet for availing the e-Pass. As of today, any individual who intends to travel because of a genuine reason can apply for the e-Pass.

What Documents do You Need To Submit To Avail the e-Pass?

The documents you will need to submit might depend on the type of request you make. Generally, the following set of documents might be required:

  • Address proof.
  • ID proof.
  • An application letter which states the purpose of an e-Pass.
  • Proofs in specific scenarios. For example, a death certificate in case of death.

What Are the Methods via Which You Can Avail an E-Pass?

  • National Informatics Centre: Choose your state of residence on the National Informatics Centre official website and avail your e-Pass.
  • Through mobile applications: A few of the state governments have introduced their mobile apps to permit hassle-free e-Pass distribution. You can use such applications to obtain your e-Pass.
  • Using state-wise links: You can navigate to the “State Wise e-Pass Online Websites” section on every state-wise link which provides e-Pass to its people.

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State-wise e-Pass Online Websites

Here is the list of a few states and their respective websites (not limited to):

New Delhi New Delhi e-Pass
Maharashtra Maharashtra e-Pass
Telangana Telangana State Police Portal
Karnataka Karnataka e-Pass
West Bengal West Bengal e-Pass

Please note: You will receive an e-Pass on arrival at the counters of the Chennai airport.

Pointers You Need to be Aware of Before Applying for an e-Pass

  • A few states are still not permitting free movement for travelling.
  • You will need to have a legitimate reason for travelling interstate along with the supporting documents. 
  • You need to fill your online form with accurate details. You might be restricted from travelling in case your information on the form and your documents do not match.
  • Make sure to have an active mobile connection so that you receive your One-Time Password (OTP) when you apply for the e-Pass.
  • You will need an application reference number to check the status of your application. Do not miss making a note of it when the number gets generated.
  • Always ensure to keep the hard copies of your documents along with your e-Pass when you are travelling.

How Can You Apply For an Aarogya Setu e-Pass?

You can apply for an e-Pass by filling the e-Pass online form to commute across the country. Steps you need to follow:

  • You need to use a device which has an active mobile number and internet access.
  • To avail an e-Pass, you need to visit the National Informatics Centre official website.
  • Choose your state using the green dropdown menu.
  • Click on your state name to access the options menu.
  • Click on an appropriate action from the following list:
    • Essential services
    • ePermit for migrant labourers and stranded persons
    • Exempted activities during the lockdown
    • Delivery of essential goods
    • COVID-19 disaster
    • Movement pass for lockdown/curfew
    • Stranded person registration
    • Vehicle movement
    • E-transit pass
  • Fill in your application form with the necessary details and upload the scanned documents as applicable.
  • Note down your application reference number.

How Can You Track the Status of Your Application?

Based on the method you have chosen for applying your e-Pass, with the help of the ‘Track Application’ button, you can know the status of your application. You can use the application reference number for this purpose.

What Rules Are Applicable for Private Vehicles?

Even though the movement of vehicles is permitted in a few states as per the government advice, states such as Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra continue to have the restrictions. People cannot travel across the borders of these states if they do not have the e-Pass. Every movement will be checked and verified for the e-Pass and the other essential documents.

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