Why maintaining a work-life balance is significant?

Jobs play a very vital role in all our lives. Although they don’t define our identity, they become an integral part of it. The earnings ensure that there’s food on our table and the lights stay on in our homes. However, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is a task and not everybody can ace it. 

Especially at a time when the number of apps we use is increasing and our attention span is decreasing, rapidly. 

How important is it to maintain a proper balance between your work and personal life? 

Maintaining a work-life balance is not only necessary for your relationships or health, but it also enhances your productivity and performance at work with time. To simplify it, if you don’t see your job as a burden, you will tend to work harder, be mindful of mistakes and become an advocate for your brand. 

Does it only benefit the employees? No! The businesses that encourage work-life balance attract a talented pool of employees and are able to reduce their attrition rates. An economist from Oxford suggested, “Replacing an employee, on an average, costs around £30,000 and it takes up to 28 weeks to get them up to speed.” It helps the companies to hire talented recruits and boost the retention rates. This ensures a high level of in-house talent along with saving time and money. 

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Here are some more reasons why you should have a work-life balance: 

  1. Health is wealth: If you are stressed or over-burdened with work, you will end up jeopardising a lot more than just your social lives. Yes, you read it right! Your mental and physical health is in danger if you do not maintain a work-life balance. The dangers and risks can lead to a variety of issues from stress-related illnesses to depression. This could happen because of a variety of things, from outrageous workloads to simply not feeling motivated at the workplace. 
  2. Enhances productivity: Every company wants its employees to be hard-working and productive. But, staying at the office beyond the normal working hours does not mean that you are being productive (exceptions are there). It might make you feel that you are contributing a lot to the company, however, the quality of the work is getting worse. 
  3. Become an all-rounded individual: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! If you revolve your life around work, there are high chances that you will lose a lot of other positive dimensions that you attractive as an employee. 

Finding interests outside the work environment will increase and improve your skills and make you a more rounded and engaging person. You will be able to share some interesting experiences and knowledge with other people and enhance your visibility. This is exactly what the employers look for in their employees now. 

Employers, on the other hand, should encourage the people to maintain a healthy work-life balance to create an environment where everyone will be dedicated to the task at hand. It will increase the retention rates, productivity and the organisation’s profit ultimately.

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