Watch Out! Work From Anywhere Culture on the Rise

At the beginning of 2020, none of us would have even dreamed of the ‘Work From Home’ culture being this widespread. There are cases where employees complain that they are being overworked since there is no travelling involved to and from the workplace. However, there are certainly some merits to it. One of the new items that are joining the merits list is ‘Offshore Hiring’.

You read it right! Small and medium-sized enterprises from the West are lined up to twist the work from home culture. They are taking advantage of remote working conditions to hire human resources from India. This move is set to give a new bash to the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector that saw a high-time in India a couple of years ago.

There is no need to get your Visa approved, worry about leaving your family behind to relocate to a different country, adjust your lifestyle according to your new habitat, or go through any other chaos. Stay where you are, and grab global opportunities. 

Industry experts have stated that Western companies are approaching staffing vendors in India to hire individuals who can work from India but follow the Western schedule. This thought process adds a new dimension to the concept of work from home, i.e. work from anywhere.

Instead of outsourcing the entire process to call centres or BPOs in India, these Western enterprises are now aiming to hire staff directly through the staffing firms. It is said that there is an increasing demand for staffing solutions. 

Not just India, the companies have been looking for employees from other countries, such as the Philippines and Pakistan.

Right now, the services that are in demand are content creation, digital marketing, social media management, remote sales, and pre-sales. Experts predict that the digital marketing industry can become half a billion-dollar industry over the next 2-3 years. Also, the technology industry requires coders and engineers as well. 

The only concern is that all these requirements are mostly from small and medium-sized enterprises.

Staffing companies in India have been busy since 2020, finding the right candidates as per the requirements. Small companies could hire one virtual employee to manage their website. Such employees may expect a monthly salary in the range of Rs.20,000-Rs.60,000. In highly skilled engineers, a better salary can be expected, i.e. up to Rs.1.5 lakh per month.

Though Indian companies hire these employees on papers, they will be directly accountable to the foreign companies they are working for. Staffing companies focus on individuals who are currently working on a project basis. They create a pool of such individuals and map them whenever a requirement arises. Furthermore, millennials are not worried about having fixed jobs, which is key to finding more resources for the jobs.

Let us wait and see how the ‘work from anywhere’ concept will help lakhs and lakhs of unemployed skilled individuals make the most of their talent.

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