Tax Query: Which data can I report in ITR by interchanging PAN with Aadhaar?
Tax Exemption

I am filing my income tax return for the AY 2020-21. I have a few properties let-out where the tenants do not have PAN. However, they have an Aadhaar number. Can I disclose their Aadhaar number while providing details about tenants in the ITR filing?

The income tax return forms specified for the AY 2020-21 are enabling a person to quote Aadhaar in place of PAN for various compliance purposes. The change also includes furnishing the Aadhaar while filing data about various income and transactions in the ITR. While filing income from house property, you have the furnish PAN of the tenant, especially when you are claiming TDS credit. In other cases, it is optional to furnish the PAN of the tenant. From the AY 2020-21, you can furnish Aadhaar of the tenant in cases where the tenant does not have a PAN allotted.

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I have income from salaries and other sources. I also am a director of a couple of private limited companies. What details should I furnish about my directorship in the ITR filing?

An individual holding directorship in a company should provide the below information in the ITR:

  1. Name of the company.
  2. Type of the company whether a domestic company or a foreign company.
  3. PAN of the company.
  4. Whether the company’s shares are listed or unlisted.
  5. DIN (Director Identification Number).

In the instant case of a private limited company, the company is a domestic company, and the shares fall into the category of unlisted shares.

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