Tax moves to make before the year 2022 ends

Before donning your party hat and starting the countdown at midnight of 31st December, make sure to complete all your pending tax compliances for 2022, as 31st December is the ultimate deadline for the voluntary filing of your income tax returns (ITR).

Belated Return

The deadline to file your ITR for non-audit cases was 31st July 2022. However, if for some reason you could not manage filing your taxes before the deadline, you can still file a late return, known as Belated Return. The last date to file a belated return is 31st December 2022. While filing a belated return, you will need to pay late fees and interest for the delay. Click here to learn more about belated filing and how it is done. After filing the return, do not forget to e-verify it. The return will not be considered as filed by the income tax authorities unless it is verified.

Revised Return

If you spot any error or omission in return, you can revise the return. E.g., if you discover that you have incorrectly claimed a deduction under Section 80C, you can amend your return and correct the mistake. Although there are no limitations on the number of times you can file a revised return, the deadline for doing so is 31st December 2022 at midnight.

Verification of the filed ITR 

If you have filed your return, please check whether you have e-verified it. If, for whatever reason, you were unable e-verify your ITR. You must ensure to do it within 30 days of filing it. The consequence of not doing so will mark your return as unfiled.

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