Startups: Can Social Media Marketing Change the Game?

Lately, social media has become part and parcel of our lives. A single day without Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seems very dull and boring. In addition to proving its worth as a communication medium, social media has also extended its features to benefit businesses and industries. This new technique of connecting with the customers has a short response time and increased the interaction between companies and customers.

Startups make an essential element in uplifting the Indian economy. Social media marketing has significantly contributed startups in spreading the word about their products and services. It’s been an integral part of digital marketing space.

As per a Hubspot report, 92% of marketers stated that social media efforts have increased the exposure for their businesses. Another finding of the report stated spending around six hours on social media marketing per week has benefitted over 66% of marketers in lead generation. 

How Does it Differ for B2B and B2C?

Startups must keep in mind the difference in the audience they are serving to form a digital marketing strategy. B2B customers are businesses that use the products and services offered by another business.

The marketing campaign must be packed with technical aspects of the product/service offered, whereas B2C customers only need an overview of the product/service in a quirky, colloquial way. The communication must be designed in a way that is impactful to the customer, so the business can boom.

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Making a Difference with Social Media Advertising 

There are several channels that can be categorised under social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare, Pinterest, Vimeo, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google+.

The first step a startup must take is to identify the channels suitable based on the nature of business and the class of audience. Lead generation and brand building stand as the major focal points in social media marketing.

LinkedIn, the professional networking site is considered as an effective way to connect with prospective customers and build a larger chain of networks. The channel can also be used to hire manpower whose skill sets match the requirement at hand.

Startups grow stronger with the people who make it. These channels give exposure to startups, make the brand popular among the counterparts providing a way to compete with larger organisations of the industry.


A major limitation that stops startups from exploring the endless opportunities in social media marketing is insufficient finances. However, with the increasing popularity of the internet, i.e. digital marketing, anything and everything can be made possible at a low cost. Lack of knowledge in strategising social media marketing can also pose a threat to the company’s growth. 

Startups must embrace the strengths of social media marketing and prioritise it for the company’s better future. It should include some bandwidth to learn and explore every new strategy to increase the brand reach and visibility across the globe.

Planning and executing digital marketing strategies at regular intervals will keep your customers wanting more from you; thereby, builds brand awareness and loyalty. Original ideas and creative execution results in brand authenticity. Testimonials and feedback from existing customers can be an effective way to bring in new customers.

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