SEBI invites qualified bidders to reinforce its market surveillance system

Capital market watchdog, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is preparing to update and strengthen its market surveillance process as well as its means for quick trade data analysis.

It recognises and lists down potential violations like manipulating share values, insider trading and divulging information in advance (front-running) among others. They ran business intelligence system, and data warehousing live in 2011 for an immediate examination of trade data to discover violators of securities guidelines.

Regarding this, SEBI has requested submissions from the interested firms to provide IT services to maintain their Integrated Market Surveillance System (IMSS) and data warehousing. SEBI performs its market surveillance operations through IMSS, introduced from 2013. They also gather data about fraudulent market activities and have diverse sources for it.

These systems acquire data each day from various data sources for surveillance. This opportunity entails IT maintenance and support while offering on-site specialist service for SEBI’s IMSS and DWBIS systems. They will accept applications for the same till 22 January 2019.

The bidding IT firm must be registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for at least 5 years with a net worth of at least 40 Crores, SEBI stated when elaborating on the eligibility conditions.

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