SEBI: Investment advisors should not deal with unregulated products including digital gold

The market regulator, SEBI, has warned the investment advisors from dealing with digital gold and other unregulated products through a press release.

Digital gold products are a form of electronic receipts that represent an investment in the yellow metal by the investors but not actual gold. The original sellers of such e-gold investment products keep the physical gold in vaults. The digital gold holders can surrender the electronic receipt at their discretion for underlying physical gold at authorised vaults.

Various fintech firms offer such platforms to their customers, wherein they can buy small quantities of physical gold. The product is similar to a gold exchange-traded fund (ETF). But, ETFs are launched by fund houses and regulated by SEBI. SEBI does not yet regulate digital gold. 

SEBI had noticed that some registered investment advisers are providing a platform for dealing in unregulated products, such a digital gold, etc. Undertaking such unregulated activity, including dealing (i.e., advisory, distribution and execution/implementation services) in digital gold by investment advisers, is not per the SEBI rules. 

SEBI further added that any dealing in unregulated activities by the investment advisors might lead to action as appropriate under the SEBI Act, 1992 and regulations framed thereunder.

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