Pandemic Has Resulted in Increased Productivity Amongst Employees

A survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has made a surprising revelation. The survey was conducted in Germany, the United States, and India. As per the survey, employees have revealed that productivity can be maintained well even in a virtual work setup. The survey also disclosed a significant appetite amongst employees for flexible work options, as well as increased openness amongst managers for this kind of work setup.

Currently, the working modules are becoming increasingly remote due to the pandemic situation. We are now left with a crucial question of how companies can maintain and improve productivity amidst the workplace in the future.

BCG survey results have highlighted the following four essential factors which have helped employees in showing consistent or enhanced productivity concerning collaborative tasks: 

  1. Mental health
  2. Social connectivity
  3. Workplace tools
  4. Physical health 

Of all the four factors mentioned earlier, social connectivity has emerged as the most powerful one. Employees who reported satisfaction concerning social connectivity with their colleagues were two to three times more likely to improve or maintain their productivity.

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It is evident from the survey results that there has been a sudden shift in the way employees are thinking about their workplace. 60% of the employees mentioned in the survey about the flexibility they need concerning where and/or when they work. 

BCG’s Managing Director and Senior Partner, Debbie Lovich mentioned that promotion of social connectivity amongst employees is going to be crucial for companies who are looking at adapting to the new virtual work setup.

Employers can focus on ways to implement new systems, update existing norms, and use upgraded technologies which will enable them to continue to support and enhance workplace productivity. Employers could:

  • Identify ways by which they can maximise social connectivity amongst employees irrespective of whether work happens face to face or remotely.
  • Create tools, benefits, and awareness which support both mental and physical health of employees.
  • Invest in building new capabilities using which employees can use technologies, tools, and systems which enable them to work as well as collaborate remotely.

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has cast a gloom upon several industries and businesses of various sizes. On the other hand, it also presented us with a golden opportunity to reinvent the entire work pattern we have been following for years now. It’s time to rethink and harness the potential of being productive consistently, even in a virtual work set up.

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