Niti Aayog, McKinsey to Launch First Digital Capability Centre

Technology holds the capability to lead the path towards achieving a trillion-dollar economy. The government has taken this into account and has been taking new initiatives on improving the technology side of the country. The government has already made a tie-up with Google to provide a platform for students to implement their ideas and showcase them to the world.

Following this, the Niti Aayog has united with McKinsey & Company to set up the first digital capability centre (DCC) that includes advanced technologies and offer a testbed for the upcoming technological innovations to reform the country’s manufacturing sector.

McKinsey supports five such digital capability centres across the globe – Aachen, Chicago, Singapore, Venice, and Beijing. The government, in this case, acts as a facilitator to collaborate the manufacturing industry, academia, and research wings on one platform to set up the centre in India; this will be managed by the private sector.

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The Niti Aayog has planned a number of stakeholder consultations over the coming months to finalise the plan. The Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company, Rajat Gupta has been working to understand the needs of the Indian industries. He stated that India is a huge country with a diverse set of industries including many MSMEs. Designing a centre that serves the purpose is a challenge, he added.

DCC is focused on providing hands-on experience and training to company leaders and workforces on next-generation technology. This helps the country on the whole to advance the operations, design, and productivity; can be used at all levels of the value chain.

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