Impact of Voice Assistants on Our Day-to-Day Lives

The ultimate luxury for most of us would be to have an assistant who will always listen to us, anticipates all our needs, and undertake action as and when it is required. Thanks to artificial intelligence assistants, or voice assistants, the luxury is now available to us.

A voice assistant comes in small packages; it can perform various actions on hearing a wake word or a command. A voice assistant can answer your questions, turn on lights, play songs, place online orders, make calls, send text messages, provide directions, set appointments on your calendars, open apps, and initiate/complete many other tasks.

Most voice assistants, by default, have female-sounding voices; however, users can change them to other voices. Most users refer to Alexa and Siri as “she” versus “it”.

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Digital assistants like Alexa or Siri are software programmes that help users to navigate their iPhone, smart speaker or car via a hands-free way using voice commands. The entire ecosystem of automotive manufacturers, app developers, wearable devices and smart speaker manufacturers are banking on digital assistants playing a key role for customers in the coming years.

In consumer technology, digital assistants are one of the fastest-growing trends; more than eight billion digital assistants are expected to be used globally by consumers within 2023.

Across every market surveyed, this technology has brought value to customers by offering instant convenience. Digital assistants are here to stay; its usage will continue to grow over time. As voice assistants become more reliable, their use in both the personal and business domains will also expand.

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