Deposit PPF even at a non-post office home branch

Investors can deposit through a cheque of any amount into their small savings accounts maintained with a post office. Earlier cheque deposits were subject to a restriction of Rs 25,000 at a non-home branch.

As per an order of the Department of Post, investors can deposit cheques at any non-home branch towards their small savings scheme including Public Provident Fund (PPF), Sukanya Samriddhi Account (SSY), post office Recurring Deposit (RD) and savings account. 

The revision was made due to complaints from various small investors of small savings schemes for depositing cheques at non-home branches. The move would facilitate ease of deposits in their savings account from any post office. 

The order states, “All POSB Cheques issued by any CBS Post Office, if presented at any CBS Post Office should be treated as AT PAR cheques and should not be sent for clearing. No POSB Cheque for more than Rs.25,000 should be accepted for cash withdrawal at other SOLs in a day. However, POSB cheque can be accepted at other SOLs without the restriction of amount, for credit in POSB/RDIPPF/SSA accounts, subject to the limits, if any, prescribed in the scheme.”

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As per the order, a cheque of Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) issued by any CBS or core banking solutions branch, if presented at a post office can be accepted at any other post office branch for the credit in a savings account, RD, PPF and SSA.

However, if an account holder presents a cheque for withdrawal at any other post office CBS branch, then only a maximum Rs.25,000 can be withdrawn. All Department Post Offices are called Service Outlets (SOL) in Core Banking Solution.

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