Deadline for Higher EPFO Pension Extended to 11 July

The Employees’ Pension Fund Organisation (EPFO) has extended the deadline to apply for a higher pension from 26 June to 11 July 2023 through a press release. It is the last chance for eligible employees to submit their joint application form for a higher pension.   

The primary reason for extending the deadline is that the applicants have been facing issues and raising concerns regarding the lack of clarity on the amount to be deposited towards the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) to receive a monthly higher pension. Many others have faced difficulties in application processing.

The EPFO press release also states that an eligible member or pensioner who faces difficulty submitting an online application for validation of joint option or issue in the updation of KYC can immediately lodge a grievance on the EPFiGMS for resolution.

Eligible members for higher EPFO pension

The following members are eligible to apply for higher EPFO pension:

  • Employees who were members of EPF before 1 September 2014 and retired after that date and have not opted for a higher pension but received a higher pension
  • Pensioners who have opted for higher pension and retired before 1 September 2014, but the EPFO authorities denied it

Documents required to apply for a higher pension

  • Proof of joint option filed under para 26(6) of the EPF scheme and verified by the employer
  • Proof of remittance of a higher pension above Rs.6,500 or Rs.5,000

When the proof of joint option filed under para 26(6) of the EPF scheme is not available, the field officers should verify the following:

  • Remittance of the employer share of the provident fund contribution exceeding the prevalent statutory wage ceiling of Rs.6,500, Rs.5,000 or Rs.15,000 per month 
  • Remittance of administrative charges paid by the employer
  • PF account of the employee is updated with interest according to Para 60 of the EPF scheme, 1952, based on such contribution received

Employees should also submit the following documents when they do not have the proof of joint option filed under para 26(6) of the EPF scheme:

  • Wage details received by the employer along with the applications for validation of joint option
  • Salary slip or letter given and authenticated by the employer
  • Copy of undertaking and joint request from the employer
  • Letter from the PF office showing a PF contribution on higher wages issued before 4 November 2022 

Calculation of higher pension 

For pensioners, a higher pension is calculated based on the average monthly salary received over the previous 12 months up to the date of PF membership termination within the contributed service period.

For employees still working or retired after 1 September 2014, the pension is determined using the average monthly salary drawn throughout the contributed service period in the past 60 months up to the withdrawal date from PF membership.

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