5 Invaluable Financial Lessons to Learn From Our Favourite TV Shows
Sometimes financial lessons can be hidden in familiar places, like your favourite TV shows. Here are our top 5 lessons that we learned after binge-watching some of our favourites.
Who said that you can’t learn anything from watching TV? If you pay attention, there are important financial lessons hidden in some of your favourite shows.

It might be a reminder to keep your money somewhere safer than a banana stand, or even Tyrion Lannister imploring us all to pay our debts. Either way, there is something to learn for pretty much anyone.

Arrested Development – keep your money somewhere safe

If you are a fan of Arrested Development, you may remember “Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana,” a frozen banana stand founded by George Sr.

When George Michael – George Sr.’s grandson – starts to feel guilty about embezzling bananas, he burns down the banana stand, only to find that George Sr. had lined the walls of the stand with $250,000.

Don’t be like the Bluths and risk losing money in a banana stand fire! Instead, why not put your money in a savings account or a fixed deposit? These accounts can keep your money safe, while also accruing a higher percentage of interest.

Schitt’s Creek – tax write-offs are not free money

For David Rose, things usually come easy. However, when his family lost all of their money and moved to the town they bought as a joke, David had some learning to do. After acquiring a job at Blouse Barn, David went on a shopping spree using the company card. He assumed that the company would pick up the tab. Luckily, Johnny Rose, David’s father, stepped in to set him straight.

When you spend such a high amount using a credit card, don’t be like David and expect the money that you spent to be returned.

The Office – get a side hustle

Dwight Schrute is a dedicated man. A devoted member of the Dunder Mifflin team, The Office fans know that Dwight loves three things: bears, beets, and Battle Star Galactica. For him, the beet farm that he owns with his brother, Mose Schrute, acts as a side hustle to put extra money in his pocket.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your wallet a little greener, why not find yourself a side hustle?

Even if you don’t own a beet farm with your brother, you can still find a side hustle that brings in some extra cash. Side hustles don’t have to be in your usual line of work, meaning they can sometimes become a fun escape from your nine to five job.

Parks and Recreation – keep financial records and consider investing in gold

When Ron Swanson’s first wife, Tammy, informs him that he is being audited, he hands over his financial records to her and his friends for review. While helping them sort through them, he informs them that among the piles of IOUs and handwritten bills of sales, they will not find any bank records.

Ron admits to having “heavily invested in gold”, which he has buried around their town of Pawnee. While Ron likes to protect his privacy and keep the government out of his business, his methods might not be the best choice.

Not being able to produce financial records can hold you back, but so can an uninformed investment.

Game of Thrones – always pay your debts

A Lannister always pays his debts, especially when it comes in the form of revenge. Even if your castle isn’t built on top of a gold mine, or another house resonates more with your financial habits, this iconic line from Game of Thrones is a great reminder to always pay what you owe.

Why you should pay off your debts

Debt, definitely if left to accumulate, can be debilitating. While some debt can actually help you, having a high debt-to-income ratio can hold you back.

If your debt collects for too long without being paid, your credit score could begin paying the price. A bad credit score can make it harder to accomplish goals like buying a home or getting a car loan.

So, take a cue from the Lannisters and always pay your debts.

Like Ron Swanson’s gold, financial lessons are hiding in places that you would least expect to find them. You’ll find them in a banana stand in Newport Beach, all the way to Westeros.

Next time you find yourself watching TV, listen out for advice that just might help you improve your financial situation.

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