2019 may embrace these 4 Cryptocurrency Trends

Yet another new year beckons investors with positivity and a fresh resolve to make 2019 the year when digital currencies attain new heights.

We all know that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have made some wrong calls in 2018. For this reason, experts are reluctant to make predictions about the market peak in 2019. However, they are positive of these 7 trends dominating the crypto world in the next year.

More Privacy Protecting Rules

The recent encroachment of blockchain surveillance has robbed many investors of their privacy they earlier took for granted. But the industry is doing its best to restore this. A slew of privacy-minded software is set to come onstream. Mimblewimble-powered Grin, Schnorr Signatures and Beam are a few examples.

Security Token Offering might substitute Initial Coin Offering

2018 was meant to be the year of security tokens until it wasn’t. That prediction can be rolled over to 2019 will be the year of STOs if more applicants can clear the technical and supervisory roadblocks. However, 2018 managed to wipe out the ICOs or restructure it as STOs. Jose Macedo from Amazix is certain that STO will become the regular model almost every crypto-based undertaking.

Glocalized Credit Networks to be launched

Decentralized credit networks have achieved a lot when it comes to infrastructure growth. The tools required to enable secured loans and social credit among others have been modified and verified. Come 2019, the credit networks will step up and begin to gain more global users who felt left out by the present financial system.

Prospective projects to make a difference

Credit networks along with crypto debt markets will be strengthened when projects like Dharma Protocol, Maker DAO, GEO Protocol and Nexo will gain traction.

Devoid of much of the greed that marked the end of 2017 as well as the strong groundwork in the field completed in 2018, the new year will be a promising time for crypto investors.


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