Union Budget 2020: Government to Stress on Education and Health

The social sector has called for enhanced allocation towards education, health and rural India. The demand is specifically for relentless efforts to be made by the government in effectively delivering programmes to the beneficiaries.

The representatives from the sectors of rural development, education, and health met with Anurag Thakur, the Minister of State for Finance, for a pre-budget consultation and stressed on increased spending in their respective sectors. Furthermore, they stressed the need for improving the efficiency in the delivery.

The representatives highlighted the need for improving the facilities at the primary level. They said that the government should focus more on improving health facilities and reducing the cost of higher education. Furthermore, the representatives demanded reforms in the pension plans and protection for the sections that are considered weaker. 

The Ministry of Finance in a statement said that the representatives asked for a National Fund for Protection of children, annihilating the child labour, accumulating data related to gender disaggregation through a national mission, and encouraging food habits that are healthy by imposing higher taxes on products that are considered ‘sin’.

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The demands of representatives did end there, as they also want tax breaks. They have asked for more effective handling of funds at the Central and State levels to attract and promote talents at strategic places under various skill development programmes. The social sector has called for more public investment. 

The representatives felt that for holistic development and advancement of the economy, the government should consider public investment in the social sector. Also, the government should stress on gender equality. Moreover, there should be various programmes to combat unemployment, boosting the ailing economy through agriculture and nonfarm sectors. 

The representatives from the rural sector have asked for increasing the number of staff in sanitation and hygiene and effective solutions to fight water scarcity. The representatives are hopeful of the government in addressing the numerous challenges in providing potable water, effective management of solid waste and sanitation.

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