TDS particulars not reflected in your Form 26AS? Know what to do

Form 26AS is the tax credit statement showing all the details of tax deducted, tax collected, advance taxes and self-assessment taxes paid in a single report. This statement shows the tax either deposited by you or on your behalf with the government. If you have paid your income tax, but its particulars are not found against your PAN, you need to identify and then rectify the error.

The possible reasons for a tax credit not being displayed in your Form 26A are listed below:

  1. The tax deductor or collector has not filed a TDS or TCS return
  2. You have failed to provide PAN to your tax deductor or collector
  3. Incorrect PAN in records with the tax deductor or collector
  4. You have provided the correct PAN, but the tax deductor or collector has made an error in quoting your PAN in the TDS or TCS return
  5. The deductor or collector has missed quoting your PAN
  6. Incorrect details of challan against which your TDS or TCS was deposited in the statement filed or wrongly quoted challan details uploaded by the bank

Firstly, you need to identify the reason for which your TDS or TCS is not reflected. Once the cause is identified, request the deductor as below:

  1. To file a TDS or TCS statement if it has not been filed.
  2. In case of an error in quoting PAN, rectify the PAN using a PAN correction statement in the TDS or TCS statement.
  3. To file a correction statement for TDS or TCS if the deductor missed providing your details or you failed to provide PAN to him before he filed the TDS or TCS return.
  4. File a correction statement if the deductor had made a mistake in the challan details
  5. To request the bank to rectify the mistake if there was a mistake in the challan details uploaded by the bank.

It should be noted that an individual taxpayer will be able to get tax credit only for the amount reflected in Form 26AS. This is the amount the government has against your PAN towards taxes. Hence, one should verify this form before filing the ITR to check the accuracy of the tax deducted and deposited by the deductors. In case of any error, it should be fixed as mentioned above. 

Recently, the income tax department has launched the Annual Information Statement (AIS). The new AIS statement is all set to replace the existing Form 26AS. However, till this new statement is entirely operational, Form 26AS will continue to be available on the TRACES portal. 

The Annual Information Statement will include new categories of taxpayers’ information like interest, mutual fund purchase and dividend earned thereon, foreign remittances, the break-up of salary, off-market transactions, other taxpayers information in ITR, etc.

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