Systematic Investment Plans Breach the Rs 17,000-Crore-Mark in November ’23

The net inflow to equity mutual funds dipped to Rs 15,536 crore in November 2023 from Rs 19,957 crore in October 2023, as per the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) data. 

In a maiden development, the number of Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) exceeded Rs 17,000 crore. The SIP book for the month touched Rs 17,073 crore, as compared to Rs 16,928 crore recorded in October 2023, as per the AMFI data. 

On the other hand, debt mutual funds witnessed net outflows of Rs 4,706.70 crore in November 2023, a considerable dip from the net inflows of Rs 42,633.70 crore in October 2023.

As per the from AMFI, small-cap and mid-cap mutual fund schemes remained popular in the equity category, with net inflows of Rs 3,699.24 crore and Rs 2,665.70 crore in November 2023, respectively. 

Throughout the year, small-cap funds have garnered net inflows of Rs 37,178 crore since January 2023, while mid-cap funds have witnessed net investment of Rs 21,520 crore. As per experts, both the mid-cap and the small-cap indexes have witnessed a sharp rally over the past six months and one year. 

Investors are advised to have a long-term time horizon while investing in mid-cap and small-cap categories. Investing in these categories through the SIP route is a practical way by which investors can ride the market volatility whilst rupee-cost averaging in the long run.

Meanwhile, large-cap funds have witnessed net outflows of Rs 2,687 crore since the beginning of the year. In November 2023, large-cap funds witnessed a mild net inflow of Rs 307 crore.

The overall Assets Under Management (AUM) stood at Rs 49,04,992.39 crore in November 2023. Experts are of the opinion that the trend will continue through December 2023 as well, and the numbers will continue to remain at robust levels. 

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