India’s First Khadi Fabric Footwear Designed by KVIC Launched
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Union Minister for MSME, Shri Nitin Gadkari, on Wednesday, launched India’s first-ever high-quality khadi fabric footwear through a video conference. This khadi footwear is designed by Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC). The preparation of the footwear is out of khadi fabric, i.e. silk, wool and cotton. It will not only be available offline but also online for sale through KVIC’s e-portal.

KVIC Chairman, Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena, during the launch of this footwear, said that tapping new markets, venturing new segments, and diversifying the product range, as envisaged by the Prime Minister, is the mantra for khadi’s spectacular success in the last six years.

The use of delicate fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cotton, in this khadi footwear, will lead to higher production of these fabrics by the artisans as well as see an increase in consumption. Thus, creating additional employment opportunities and generating higher income for the artisans. 

These unique khadi footwear products also have a high potential for capturing the international market. This footwear is of international quality prepared using delicate fabrics, such as Banarasi silk, khadi denim, cotton fabric, Patola silk of Gujarat, etc., which will attract the youngsters to purchase the footwear online. They are also cost-effective.

The Union Minister for MSME, Shri Nitin Gadkari, also urged the KVIC to develop alternatives to leather accessories, such as purses, wallets, ladies’ handbags in khadi fabric, which will have a vast potential in foreign markets. At the launch event of this footwear, he also stated that Khadi India could capture a market worth Rs.5,000 crore by developing and marketing these khadi fabric products overseas. 

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The size of the Indian footwear industry is approximately Rs.50,000 crore, including the exports worth Rs.18,000 crore. KVIC initially targets to capture at least 2% of this industry, which is estimated to be around Rs.1,000 crore through this footwear.   

Khadi fabric footwear is environment-friendly and skin-friendly. This footwear reflects the hard work put in by the khadi artisans to prepare fabric for this footwear. KVIC has created this footwear according to global tastes. They will help in reviving the country’s economy by occupying a significant share in the footwear industry.

Currently, this footwear is launched in 15 designs for ladies and 10 designs for men. There is the use of exquisite khadi products, such as Tussar silk, Madhubani-printed silk of Bihar, Matka-Katia silk, Khadi PolyVastra, and Tweed Wood to prepare this unique footwear, making them trendy. Khadi footwear is available in wide ranges of colours, designs and prints. The design of this footwear is such that they suit clothing for all purposes, whether it is formal, casual, or festive occasions. The price range of this footwear starts from Rs.1,100 to Rs.3,300 per pair.

The idea behind launching this khadi footwear is to tap the global market where a significant section of international customers will prefer khadi as their choice. The production of this footwear is a small step for people, but it will be a giant leap for the khadi artisans. This idea of developing khadi footwear also coincides with the PM’s vision of ‘Local to Global’. 

The KVIC is aiming to develop and expand the Khadi fabric footwear. They seek to capture the Indian footwear industry and the global markets. Earlier, the KVIC launched its first-ever khadi wristwatch in association with Titan which has become a trend-setter now. With the launch of this khadi fabric footwear, people will now get to feel the fineness of handcrafted khadi fabric in their footwear and also help in the development of the artisans involved in it.

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