Government Plans to Create 5 Crore Jobs to Bolster Economy

At the Agenda Aaj Tak 2019 event, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari stated that the efforts are on to bolster the economy and create five crore jobs. The road transport, highways, and MSME minister have expressed that the situation in the country is challenging; but, a fast-growing economy like India will progress fast.

Nitin Gadkari said that the mission is to create five crore jobs. The government is giving attention to the economy. In addition, the government has to work on various drifts simultaneously, such as rural agriculture, developing infrastructure, and tribal development, on priority. He specified that the security of the country is as important as the economy. Since the government does not run in silos, it has to take care of many aspects.

The minister stated that they are focusing on the development of MSME sector such that it contributes up to 29% of the growth. When it comes to the highways, the government has scheduled work worth of Rs.17 lakh crore to be done in the next five years. This schedule includes a project worth Rs.2 lakh crore by March and Rs.3 lakh crore in the next year. He also mentioned that the highways and shipping, together, have witnessed work worth of Rs.17 lakh crore during the past five years.

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The current highway projects include Delhi-Mumbai Expressway estimated at Rs.1.30 lakh crore, Dwarka Expressway estimated at Rs.10,000 crore and projects to decongest Delhi estimated at Rs.50,000 crore.

Speaking of accidents, Gadkari proclaimed that India accounts for 5 lakh accidents per year out of which 1.5 lakh people are killed. Unfortunately, the number of accidents could not be reduced despite many efforts. He also mentioned about the Rs.14,000-crore projects funded by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank to correct the design of the highways.

Adding to the above statement, he said that the country needs an additional 22 lakh drivers and efforts are made to establish driving training institutes. He also criticised that more than 30% of the driving licensees today are bogus. 

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