Equity Mutual Fund Inflows Plummets to Five-Month Low in October
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According to the Association of Mutual Funds in India’s (AMFI) recently released data, October recorded a net inflow of just Rs.6,015 crore in equity mutual funds. This is the lowest level the net inflows have fallen to in the last five months.

Earlier in September, equity mutual funds and equity-linked savings schemes had registered a net inflow of Rs.6,489 crore.

In the same line, August had recorded an inflow of Rs.9,090 crore which was also the highest level since May 2019.

While the inflows into equity MFs stood at Rs.8,092 crore in July, June and May recorded net inflows of Rs.7,585 crore and Rs.4,968 crore in May.

According to the data, October witnessed a negligible decrease in inflows concerning Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).

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September had earlier recorded an inflow of Rs.8,262.94 crore in SIPs. In the same line, SIP inflows during the month of October stood at Rs.8,246 crore.

With retail investors following a disciplined approach, SIP Assets Under Management (AUM) also crossed the Rs.3 trillion landmark for the first time. 

According to AMFI Chief NS Venkatesh, the equity markets have witnessed a significant rise in investors over time with the government coming up with various initiatives, pushing further inflows into mutual funds.

October 2019 also recorded the highest level of total AUMs in the Indian MF industry at Rs.26.33 lakh crore.

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