Our Team


Annapoorna, popularly known as Anna, is an aspiring Chartered Accountant with a flair for GST. She spends most of her day singing hymns to the tune of jee-es-tee! Well, not most of her day,just now and then.


Komal Chawla is an aspiring Chartered Accountant, who spends most of her free time dredging through the various Indian finance subreddits. She is a semi-professional bowler with a high strike rate every time there is a new tax reform!


Krishnan Manghat Menon is a Finance enthusiast. He revels in drawing parallels between his two favourite worlds: Fantasy and Finance. His favourite quote is: “I once saw a poor man named Rich” – Bo Burnham


Nidaa does not own a TV and WhatsApp is the only App in her outdated phone. But she owns a house. An unabashed feminist, her finance reporting is as sharp and transparent as can be.


Saudamini Chandarana, a Chartered Accountant by profession, a writer by choice and an educator by passion!


Shanteri K Rao is a subject matter expert in Mutual Funds at a fintech startup. She writes on financial planning, investment and portfolio management with special emphasis on managing risk.


Supriya is a marathoner, an organic farmer, and a content strategist, in that order. An economics and finance professional, her work is aimed at making sense of the market through unadulterated reporting.


Athena Rebello: is a globe-trotter whose aim is to see 30 countries before she’s 30. When she’s not travelling, she’s busy planning her next trip. She’s a Chartered Accountant by profession with a keen focus on GST. She writes by day and reads by night.


Vidushi Kala or simply Kala spends her weekends attending seminars and talks on socio-economic issues. She aspires to change the world by transmorgifying all humans into cats. Her favourite quote is – “Badabing, Badameow!” by Bernard Black


AKA Chill.P is a GoT season 8 hater. She spends her time reading books, listening to 90s grunge music and musing over the various financial developments in India. Favourite quote: “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”


She is a financial and technology writer. Apart from writing, she likes sketching optical illusion patterns. She loves trying different cuisines. Music and nature are her all-time interests.


She is a supermom who specialises in GST. Apart from binging movies with her son, she spends most of her down-time shuffling through stores looking for the best deals. Favourite quote: “Rule of life: If you bother to ask someone’s advice, then bother to listen to it.”


He is an engineer turned Financial Writer. He has religiously followed Cricket since the year 2002. He is always open to learning new things. Vineeth is least interested in movies, and he hardly spends on expensive
movie tickets. He wants to travel to as many countries as possible in his lifetime.


A part-time Editor and a full-time T-shirt thief. When not grumbling about lack of sleep, she’s generally editing articles for ClearTax. Favourite quote – “Should I use my invisibility to fight crime
or for evil?”


Abbreviation is the name of the game – SIP, NPS, ELSS, KTM, and OMR. Vishnu is the cat that got too curious. He can normally be found staring at market charts or drooling over his Real Madrid curios. Favourite quote: ” Madrid, Madrid, Madrid ¡Hala Madrid! Y nada más”


DVSR Anjaneyulu, known as AJ, is a Chartered Accountant by profession. Loves listening to music & spending time with family and friends.