8 Functionalities Released By the GST Portal in Mar’21

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Portal has come out with new functionalities in March to provide better operational flexibility for taxpayers. Here’s a list of the new functionalities released over the past month:

  1. ‘Reset’ button enabled on the GST Portal for Form GSTR-1/ IFF

A ‘Reset’ button has been provided for normal taxpayers, irrespective of their filing profile, i.e., monthly or quarterly filing, in the Form GSTR-1 and Invoice Furnishing Facility (IFF). This will help taxpayers delete their entire saved data for a specific return period, where the data has not yet been submitted or filed.

  1. Downloading of Table 5 data enabled for Form GST ITC-04  

Registered manufacturers who are required to furnish details of inputs or capital goods sent to a job worker without payment of tax, in Form GST ITC-04, are now given the option to download Table 5 of Form GST data ITC-04. After filing the Form, this option will be available when there has been a change in the state code due to the merger or creation of a state or Union Territory (UT). 

  1. Disabling of option to enter Aadhaar number for certain taxpayers in registration applications

The field for entering the Aadhaar number has been disabled for certain taxpayers in the following scenarios:

  • While adding an Authorised Signatory/Authorised Representative through non-core amendment of registration
  • While adding a Promoter/Partner through core amendment of registration
  • Taxpayers adding details of Authorised Representatives in new registration applications.
  1. Selection of ‘Core Business Activity’ on the GST Portal by existing taxpayers

New functionality has been provided for taxpayers to select their core business activity from one of the categories mentioned below (depending on their turnover):

  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesalers/distributors/retailers 
  • Service providers and others
  1. Filing of a refund application in Form RFD-01 in cases of foreign exchange fluctuations

The GST system previously used to validate the refund amount claimed by the exporter of services (with payment of tax) against the proceeds that were realised against exports that the claimant submitted in the Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC). 

Suppose the value realised in the Bank Realisation Certificate (BRC) or FIRC column was less than the refund amount claimed. The taxpayer was not allowed to file a refund application. 

The above validation has now been removed. The value realised in the BRC/FIRC may fluctuate due to foreign exchange fluctuations, and the net realisation may be less than the refund amount. The taxpayer will now be able to file refund applications in these cases.

  1. Audit functionalities made available for taxpayers’ convenience

Notices and reports issued by tax officials will now be available to taxpayers under the ‘Additional Notices and Orders’ tab. Taxpayers will be able to reply to these audit notices and can upload the necessary documents. Taxpayers can also accept, reject or pay the stated liabilities, discrepancy-wise, outlined in the-

  • Notice for Discrepancies, or 
  • Additional Notice for Discrepancies (if any), or 
  • Audit Report (Form GST ADT-02)

Taxpayers are also now able to apply to the tax officer for adjournment or extension of the audit date.

  1. Status of Aadhaar Authentication or e-KYC Verification

In the ‘Search Taxpayer’ functionality of the GST portal, both before login and post-login, the user can now view the status of Aadhaar authentication or e-KYC verification of the relevant GSTIN that is being searched.

  1. Change in label and functionality of the HSN/Service Classification Code Tax Rate search option

The ‘Search HSN/Service Classification Code Tax Rate’ option has now been changed to ‘Search HSN Code’. The functionality is also enhanced to display the output systematically under the associated chapter head, along with the description of the keyed-in HSN code and other associated HSN codes along with it. All the HSN codes displayed will be hyperlinked. 

A user can navigate to ‘Services -> User Services -> Search HSN Code’ on the GST portal to run a search.

For any clarifications/feedback on the topic, please contact the writer at athena.rebello@cleartax.in

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